Amsterdam: 13 Romantic Activities to Explore

January 17, 2024
By MJ Brioso
7 min read
Amsterdam: 13 Romantic Activities to Explore

With its picturesque canals, beautiful architecture, and charming cafes, Amsterdam is a city that exudes romance. It's no wonder why so many couples choose this destination as their romantic getaway.

If you're planning a trip to Amsterdam with your significant other, you might be wondering what romantic activities you can do together. In this article, we'll share 13 romantic things to do in Amsterdam that will make your trip unforgettable.

Top 13 Romantic Activities to Explore

Amsterdam is known as a city full of life and colors, canals, bicycles, and a flourishing nightlife. However, it is also an excellent destination for lovebirds and romantic getaways.

Whether you're strolling along the canals, enjoying a candlelit dinner, or exploring the city's vibrant culture, there is something for every couple in Amsterdam. Ahead, we've compiled a list of romantic things to do in Amsterdam, perfect for a romantic getaway.

1. Cruise Down the Canals

A candlelit cruise down Amsterdam's winding canals sets the stage for an evening of pure romance. Gently gliding past historic buildings and twinkling city lights, couples can lose themselves in each other's company.

Sharing an intimate dinner on board with wine and delectable Dutch cuisine adds a luxurious touch. The sound of water lapping against the boat, the reflections on the water, and the picturesque bridges create a magical atmosphere. Select from private tours or shared experiences to suit your style. It's a timeless activity that symbolizes the essence of romance in Amsterdam.

2. Visit the Flower Market

The Bloemenmarkt is not just a market; it's a colorful and aromatic celebration of flowers. Strolling hand in hand among vibrant tulips, you'll feel the connection to Dutch tradition and the joy of nature. Selecting a beautiful bouquet together or simply appreciating the myriad colors and scents is an intimate experience.

It's a gentle reminder of life's beauty and offers an opportunity to express love through nature's most elegant creations. The floating stalls add a unique charm, creating a setting that's nothing short of poetic. Visiting the Bloemenmarkt could turn an ordinary day into an extraordinary romantic memory.

3. Explore Art Museums

Artistic brilliance comes alive in Amsterdam's art museums, which serve as grand stages for creativity. The Van Gogh Museum, housing the world's largest collection of Van Gogh's paintings, provides a profound insight into his tumultuous life and intense passion. A visit to the Rijksmuseum, standing together before timeless pieces like 'The Night Watch,' connects you to the annals of history in a deeply personal way.

Engage in conversations about art, share interpretations, and grow closer through shared experiences. Don't miss the opportunity to snap a picture at the "I Amsterdam" sign, symbolizing your shared adventure. Art, love, and the human connection intertwine in these hallowed halls.

4. Picnic in Vondelpark

Vondelpark is a romantic oasis where you can escape the city's hustle. A picnic here is more than a meal; it's a chance to connect in a serene environment. Choose a secluded spot near a pond, spread out a blanket, and enjoy each other's undivided attention.

Share favorite foods, laugh, and create memories in the shadow of tall trees. Soak in the soothing sounds of leaves shifting in the breeze and watch as ducks gracefully navigate the water. In the midst of urban Amsterdam, Vondelpark offers a romantic retreat that feels worlds away.

5. Candlelit Dinner in De Kas

De Kas is not just a restaurant; it's a dining experience that connects you to the earth. Located in a stunning greenhouse, surrounded by gardens, every meal is a fresh delight. The menu changes daily, reflecting the season's best, cultivated right on the premises.

You'll feel a sense of intimacy and connection to nature as you dine amidst lush greenery bathed in soft candlelight. The elegant setting, culinary artistry, and shared appreciation for fresh, local food make this a sophisticated date night. It's a taste of romance that's uniquely Amsterdam.

6. Rent a Tandem Bike

Cycling in Amsterdam is a quintessential experience, and renting a tandem bike takes it to a new level of connection. As you pedal together, you'll navigate charming streets, cross iconic bridges, and explore hidden corners of the city. The sense of teamwork and the shared adventure will strengthen your bond.

You'll find laughter in the missteps and joy in the shared success of a journey well traveled. It's not just about reaching a destination; it's about enjoying every moment of the ride together. This is a playful, fun, and genuinely Amsterdam way to experience the city as a couple.

7. Attend a Concert at Concertgebouw

The Royal Concertgebouw is a marvel of acoustics and architectural beauty. Here, music isn't just heard; it's felt. Classical concerts within these historic walls are not mere performances but emotional journeys.

The resonance of each note, the connection between musicians, and the shared experience with your partner create a profound evening. Dressing up for the occasion adds a touch of elegance, making the night even more special. It's a harmonious date that resonates with grace, love, and timeless appeal.

8. Indulge in Dutch Chocolate

The allure of chocolate is universal, and Amsterdam's chocolatiers are artists in their own right. At places like Puccini Bomboni or Chocolátl, you'll discover exotic and familiar flavors. Tasting chocolates together, and savoring each unique creation, is a sensory delight that goes beyond mere indulgence.

The rich textures, the interplay of sweet and bitter, and the shared enjoyment make this a uniquely romantic treat. Whether it's a casual stop during a day of exploring or a special visit, indulging in Dutch chocolate is a shared pleasure that's both simple and profound. It's a sweet note in the symphony of love.

9. Stroll Through the Jordaan District

The Jordaan district is a labyrinth of narrow streets, boutique shops, art galleries, and cozy cafes. Wandering here is like stepping into a romantic painting. Discover hidden courtyards, enjoy window shopping, or simply absorb this neighborhood's artistic ambiance.

Each twist and turn offers something new to explore, making it a perfect metaphor for a growing relationship. Enjoy a quiet coffee, share a pastry, and make plans for the future in this storybook setting. Jordaan is not just a district; it's a romantic journey waiting to be embarked upon.

10. Watch the Sunset from A'DAM Lookout

Amsterdam's skyline, with its unique blend of historic and modern architecture, is best appreciated from the A'DAM Lookout. Time seems to pause as the sun sets, casting a golden glow over the city. Share this moment, holding hands, as day turns to night and the city lights begin to sparkle.

For the more adventurous, the 'Over the Edge' swing adds a thrilling dimension to the experience. This is not merely a view; it's a shared moment in time that captures the essence of the city and your connection. Watching the sunset here is a reminder that the most beautiful scenes are often the simplest.

11. Ice-Skate at Museumplein (in Winter)

When winter arrives, Museumplein transforms into a magical ice rink. Ice-skating here is a dance on blades, with laughter, graceful glides, and perhaps a few tumbles. The backdrop of the Rijksmuseum adds to the charm, making this an iconic Amsterdam experience.

Warm up with hot chocolate afterward, reminiscing about the fun and making plans for the next adventure. Ice skating at Museumplein is more than a seasonal activity; it's a chance to play, connect, and enjoy love's wintery embrace.

12. Enjoy a Spa Day at Zuiver

Spa Zuiver is an oasis of relaxation in the heart of the city. Offering an array of saunas, baths, and wellness treatments, it's a shared journey into tranquility. Luxuriate in a couple's massage, relax in a thermal bath or simply enjoy each other's company in a peaceful setting.

The cares of the world will melt away, leaving only the connection between two people. A day at Spa Zuiver isn't just a break from the ordinary; it's a loving embrace that refreshes both body and soul.

13. Visit the Love Lock Bridge

Staalmeestersbrug, or Love Lock Bridge, is a symbol of enduring love. Attaching a padlock here, with initials or a special date, is a physical manifestation of commitment. It's a simple act, yet deeply symbolic.

Standing together, looking at the myriad locks, each telling a love story, you'll feel part of something larger. It's a small yet profound addition to the fabric of love in the city. Venturing to the Love Lock Bridge transcends the commonplace and steps into timelessness.

Experience Love in Every Corner of Amsterdam

Amsterdam's romantic allure is a blend of simple pleasures, shared experiences, and unique adventures. The city invites couples to explore, connect, and celebrate love in ways that are as diverse and beautiful as Amsterdam itself. These romantic activities are more than just things to do—they're pathways to the heart. Whether it's a first-time visit or a beloved return, let Amsterdam romance you.

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